I’ve created several blogger and wordpress blogs for courses I teach, including this one that lay unused for a year. I’ve also used wordpress for my own essay-like posts, but the volume of spam comments was such that I finally transferred all of that content to catatan (with some tucked elsewhere) and shut the thing down. Now I contemplate a return to this platform.

My own website is mcvey hardware, where you will find more (or less) than you wanted to know about hardware stores (in my family, in literature, art, film, even theory), asphalt, telegraphic codes and message practice, nineteenth century personal indexing and commonplacing practice, and a few other things. Old Indonesian postcards. A few found photographs. Something about emblematics.

I also tumbl poetic nothings at asfaltics, keep track of things at pinboard and even, on occasion, tweet.

24 June 2015
24 June 2015

Unrelated to all of the above (and even below), I teach design and typography at an art school.

I swim.

Readings/re-readings over the last year or so: Virginia Woolf (The Years, The Waves), Simone Weil (the notebooks especially), Peter Handke (My Year in No-Man’s Bay, currently in the middle of, about where I’ve gotten in several previous reads). Anne Blonstein, Susan Howe, Willa Cather (several), Henry James (The Wings of the Dove, The Ambassadors), Murray Bail (The Pages, Eucalyptus, The Voyage), Andrew Piper (Book Was There), Gertrude Stein, a lot of hardware store fiction (including soft porn, evangelical and other romances, and mainstream novels). Maggie Nelson (The Argonauts). Now reading Bernhard Siegert (Cultural Techniques: Grids, Filters, Doors, and Other Articulations of the Real).

A lot of my reading is sideways, distant first then selectively close, drilldowns via Google Books Advanced Search into pre 1923 sources. Science, engineering, technical. Some of the results of these landings — as of the rest of my reading — surface in my asfaltics posts.

So little to show for it all. Maybe it went into the teaching?

My conclusion is that I’ve not been good for myself and, by extension, others. The converse/corollary makes equal sense: that I’ve not been good for others and, by extension, myself.

25/26 June 2015